Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 5 of a month long blog!

What is my favorite quote??? This is a easy question. Because I have two of them and they have been my favorites for a really long time.

My first favorite quote is, " My primary purpose in life is to release Gods story to every man, woman, and child I come into contact with." -Adam Mayfield. This is my "life quote" if that even exisits haha. I truly have a desire to be Gods messenger and let people know who He is and get to know Him!

My second favorite quote is, " The crucial question is not,do you belong to a church,have you been baptized,or even have you made a profession of faith? The crucial question is, have you been born again? Has God wrought salvation on your soul?" - Voddie Baucham Jr. This is a amazing quote! A lot of people think that if you go to church or if you have been baptized that you are going to heaven, but that is definitely not how you get there. God has to save you and make you a new creature!

These are my 2 favorite quotes of all time!

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