Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 3: of a month long blog!

Todays question is " What is my favorite television program?" I don't watch tv all the time so there won't be any shows that just started or probably have a new season that started.

Well for all of you who know me really well you might say anything on Disney Channel! Which is totally true haha. I do not care how old I am Disney Channel is still at the top of the list! Why? I will tell you! I am obsessed with Disney in itself. I have been for a long time! I love all the shows that come on it, well most of them (the exception is a few of them that are annimated). It entertains me and keeps my attention. Not a lot of shows even movies can do that so you know its good when I can actually sit down and watch it. I do not have a favorite show on Disney Channel I just love most of them!

But I do have some other shows that I love to watch when I get time to! If I truly had to pick though it would be The Cosby Show!! I Love Bill Cosby! Whenever I watch it I either laugh, cry (mainly because I am laughing so hard), and laugh. Do you get the picture here? The Cosby Show has great morals and life lessons as well. Even though it is funny (well to me). The whole cast has great chemistry together (meaning they work well together). Bill Cosby makes the whole show though I must say. So The Cosby Show is one of my favorite shows.

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